We are usually asked about

UEIS was established in 2005 and is a co-educational school with classes from year 1 to year 12.

The founder of our school is a Turk. UEIS is registered in Ulaanbaatar as a not-for-profit educational institution under the management of the school director and board of governors. UEIS is a sub-branch of Yadigar educational institutions.

As we teach all subjects in English we are not giving advanced education

We follow the national curriculum of England and Wales, adapted where appropriate to reflect the international nature and local Mongolian location of the school

We bring the school materials including textbooks from England and Turkey

To pay the education fees of the child in accordance with the tariffs established by installments. The education fee is 4750.000₮ for Primary School (1-2-3-4-5), 5.250.000₮ for Secondary School (6-7-8) and 6.500.000₮ for High School (9-10-11). Fees for lunch, transportation and dormitory are to be paid separately. The non-refundable registration fee is ₮750000

There are some additional optional expenses. The parents have to pay 800.000₮ for transportation, 750000₮ for food, and 2250000₮ for dormitory. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner fee is included for dormitory

The parents have to pay 250000₮ for the textbooks, for the library

Most of our teachers are foreigners (America, England, Canada, Philippines, Turkey, China, South Africa, Russia and Australia).We have some Mongolian teachers who teach their subjects in English.

They are teaching Chinese Language as an optional foreign language.

American, British and Canadian teachers are teaching the English Language classes.

Turkish teachers teach Science, Mathematics, and Physics.

Yes, the school building is our property.

UEIS has Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer laboratories, which are fully furnished with modern technology.

As we accept students from all grades, we don’t have preparation classes. Instead of having preparation class, we teach English very intensively while the other courses are going on.

The UEIS accept students from all grades.

The students who want to register to UEIS have to take the entrance exams to be able to study at UEIS. The exam contains IQ, Mathematics, and English Language questions.

Everything is different between two schools such as the curriculum, education system, textbooks and teachers.

Curriculums, education system, textbooks that we follow are completely different. Almost all the students who prefer us plan to study university abroad after graduating from UEIS.

The students have Music and Art classes from grade 1 to grade 9 and the students from grade 4 to 11 have the right to choose a foreign language (such as Russian-Chinese-German-French-Turkish-Japanese-Korean).In addition 10 and 11th grades study Economy, International Business, and TOEFL.

The maximum number of students is 20 for all grades.

Parents are able to subscribe to our transport service, which will collect children from and return them to their homes. A woman accompanies the juniors during the bus service. The school bus collects the students between 07:10 – 08:20 according to the distance of their apartment and takes them by following the schedule between 15:150 -18:00.

Classes begin at 8:40 in the mornings and end at 3:10 for primary and 4:00 for Secondary. Some days the students have foreign language classes and clubs between 14:20 and 4:10.

The last period finishes at 4:00.

Every class has an advisor teacher.

Counselor and Guidance service organizes many kinds of activities such as city tours, tours to countryside, fall and spring picnics, sledding in winter and many other activities which help the students relax and recharge. At the UEIS we organize dance, music, art, sport, and chess etc… clubs to help the students improve their abilities.

At the UEIS no additional fees are required both for the extra classes and for the extracurricular activities.

The parents don’t have to pay for the extra classes as they are required to pay in any other schools.

A school cannot give a university guarantee. To achieve at the university examinations is up to the students’ performance, effort and determination to succeed. On the other hand our school does its best to help its students to succeed at university entrance exams.